Michael Rodrigue


Michael Rodrigue is a 29 years old full time swing trader on the Foreign Exchange Market. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an armored soldier when he was 18. Michael is from a multi-generation military family. Michael served in Afghanistan with his brother in 2011. During his mission, Michael was seriously injured during an accident. After the accident, Michael has been told from several doctors that he will never be able to walk again. After many years of rehabilitation, he finally thwarted his predictions. Knowing that he will never be able to join the army again, he continued his second passion : Trading the currencies market.

Initially, Michael was trading the stock exchange market. In 2012, when he started to trade his own money on the Foreign Exchange market, he failed many times by not having too much knowledge in this area. Despite the mistakes and losses, Michael never give up. He started learning more on the forex market with trading companies located in the US and Europe. Between 2012 and 2013, Michael is trading part-time the foreign exchange market. It was only at the end of 2013, that Michael make the big move to trade as a full-time swing trader and made real consistent profits. Michael is living from the forex market since 2013 as it’s only source of income.

At the end of 2017, Michael opened his own trading community where he coached traders around the world to achieve their trading goals and achieve more freedom. He love the idea to share his knowledge about the foreign exchange market, he love help people and see those people succeed from nothing. He started coaching traders when many of his friends was interested about the currencies market and how to make money with it. He started creating very helpful content for traders. In the last few months he wrote 4 eBooks about how to trade the right way and how to start trading.

Michael is a father of two young children. Michael have also a wife, who’s he married to for 3 years. He use his freedom from trading to take care of his family and friends. Michael his a very humble person, he’s been inspired by many people like Warren Buffets. Let’s say the real things here, trading is not made for everyone and you need to put big efforts to succeed. Michael his very appreciated by traders for his honestly and his sincerity.

Antoine Savoie


Antoine is a 19 years old full-time day-trader on the Forex Market and an entrepreneur in Montreal, Canada. He currently own 2 businesses and he’s also the author of the book “The Power Of Knowledge” available for free on his personal website.

At 13 Years old, Antoine started his first business project with two partners located in Europe. He build an online video games community that became rapidly one of the most popular video games community in France. The business is running very well, Antoine decided to go work in a restaurant to acquiers experience. He worked there for 3 years and he’s also doing some self-employed contracts.

At 14, Antoine is learning about computer sciences, programming and networks. The next year, he start studying in the domain of computer sciences at school. At 16 years old, he graduated from high school and win a scholarships for his remarquable skills with computers. By this age, he started learning more about the financials markets, he had very long discussions with his dad and ex-investors into the financials markets. He tried to understand how the markets works and did not understand too much about it so he decided to not invest in the markets yet.

At 17 years old, he started to trade the financials markets with a demo account. He tried to understand how the stocks markets is moving and why the stocks markets are moving.

At 18 years old, is where the game changes. He started trading more and more. He made large amount of money from penny stocks investments on the stocks markets. He started trading the foreign exchange market and he quit school and his job to trade as a full time trader and run his businesses.